Brut or Extra Dry?


Somewhat counterintuitively, Extra Dry on the label of a bottle of Prosecco actually means it’s got a noticeable amount of residual sugar. Fermentation is stopped short, or arrested, before the yeast consumes all the sugar, leaving some sweetness in the wine. For Extra Dry you can expect 12 – 17 grams per litre. The Extra Dry style is the most famous, the most widely available. Brut styles are less sweet, 6 – 12 grams per litre. I rather enjoy that little bit of extra sweetness, it adds to the soft texture of the gentle mousse and brings out the pear and peach notes. Brut Prosecco has a bite to it, a more linear crispness and lemony tang.

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Author: Claire Blackler MW

It's ALL about the wine. Sometimes Crystal Palace FC! Wine training, WSET courses, communication and consultancy. MW student working very hard on the tasting!