9 things I’d like to see less of in 2018 …

  1. TCA, not just in wine but in garlic, mango and carrots too.
  2. Glass, come on wine industry be a bit more eco with your packaging.
  3. Wines that taste the same.
  4. One-dimensional wine lists, please let’s get creative, yes, pubs, I’m talking to you.
  5. 250 ml glasses, they’re too big, I’d rather order 2 x 125 ml glasses of something different please.
  6. Finger prints and water stains on glasses, polish, polish and polish again!
  7. Use of the word snob, unless used properly.
  8. Claims that a wine is low calorie/hangover free/great, when it’s not.
  9. Servers struggling to use a corkscrew.

Author: Claire Blackler MW

It's ALL about the wine. Sometimes Crystal Palace FC! Wine training, WSET courses, communication and consultancy. MW student working very hard on the tasting!