Level 2 Award in Spirits

WSET L2 SpiritsDistilling Knowledge

The WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits provides a solid introduction to spirits, spirits service and cocktail making covering the most important spirit styles and brands.

It is aimed at candidates who wish to develop their career in the spirits industry, who work with spirits on a regular basis or enthusiasts who want to learn more about spirits.

On completion of the course candidates will be able to communicate knowledgeably with customers and operate confidently during spirits service, making recommendations based on customers preferences, prepare classic cocktails and work credibly with other spirits industry professionals. Successful candidates will have the tools to interpret spirits lists and make informed choices when making purchases in bars and retail outlets.

This hands-on course teaches students through sight, smell and taste, to understand more about spirits. By the end of the course students will be be able to taste spirits using a systematic approach, and be able to identify the main styles of spirits.


  1. A detailed overview of spirits production
  2. Tasting of a wide range the world’s major spirits styles and brands:
    • Gin, flavoured spirits & liqueurs
    • Whisk(e)y (including Scotch & Bourbon)
    • Sugar cane spirits (rum etc)
    • Tequila
    • Vodka
    • Fruit spirits (Cognac etc)
  3. An in-depth understanding of how spirits are used in hospitality, including building an extensive database of cocktail recipes

The cost includes all study materials, spirits samples, tuition and the examination.

Successful students will receive a WSET certificate and pin.

If studying online it is recommended that candidates allow at least 3 weeks to complete the course. A minimum of six hours study per week is recommended to successfully complete the course. Regular access and participation is essential.

Optional tasting modules (add-ons) are available for this course.

In the classroom the course can be completed in a minimum of 4 days and concludes with a 1 hour, 50 multiple choice question examination.

Please note the examination cannot be completed online and attendance at one of our registered study centres to take the examination will be required.

The Level 2 Award in Spirits is available as a private course and can be held on your business premises for groups of 6 or more.




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