Level 1 Award in Wine Service

WSET L1 Wine ServiceConfidence in Service

The WSET Level 1 Award in Wine Service is an introduction to wine service in the hospitality industry. It introduces the candidate to all aspects of wine service including communication skills, personal presentation, preparation of tables and glassware management.

It is aimed at candidates who have just taken their first role in the hospitality industry or candidates that have not had any formal service training. It is ideal for front-of house staff, waiting staff, bar-tenders and new sommeliers.

On completion of the course candidates will be able to engage confidently in all aspects of wine service, communicate knowledgeably with customers and give food and wine pairing advice.


  1. Consideration of the essential skills to provide good wine service, communication with customers, appropriate dress for service.
  2. An introduction to wine service technique covering fault identification, the use of corkscrews, preservation equipment and glassware.

It must be done in combination with WSET Level 1 Award in Wines, a 1 day course that gives the candidate an introduction to wine, food and wine pairing, the most important grape varieties, wine-making regions and wine styles.

The course can be completed in 2 days, in addition to the 1 day required for the WSET L1 Award in Wines. Candidates are assessed on taking part in short service based role play assessment.

The Level 1 Award in Wine Service is available as a private course and can be held on your business premises for groups of 6 or more.

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